Artist Statement

We are given a form to inhabit.

We wrestle with it, and within it, all the while we are here.

We leave evidence of our existence.

I invoke the body both literally and through objects as a method of reconciling the human form with the world in which it lives.

I am not a medium specific artist. I employ photographs, paintings, drawings, objects, performance and writing in my practice. I seek to understand not only my own experience with my body but also how society perceives and understands its human form.  My work contains objects that stand in for, document, or otherwise define the body within our culture.  Impermanence is often emphasized, as we and our bodies inhabit the realm of temporality. Like a forensic scientist, I explore the evidence, traces, marks, and impressions, residue of the body, proof that I was here, in this body, and at this time as a way of exploring fundamental themes of human existence.