Hotel Stationery

I recently watched a movie on the plane from LA to New York called Man, Woman & Children.  It is described as “A group of high school teenagers and their parents attempt to navigate the many ways the Internet has changed their relationships, their communication, their self-image, and their love lives.”

As I am currently investigating a break from the internet myself, I thought this would be a good movie to watch as research.  I am not going to actually review the movie here, but it basically confirmed what I am already learning about the changes in our forms of communication, it is breaking us apart more than it is bringing us together.

As I  left the plane, I immediately got on my phone to answer texts and emails for work.  I then checked into the hotel and logged onto the free internet.  I started to unpack, when I noticed stationery. Stationery!  I wondered how long it had been there and why hotels even print stationery any longer.


I did some investigating and I found this article by Maggie Espinosa on hotel stationery.  I guess letter writing is only done by the wealthy now? Maybe it’s only the wealthy who can stay in hotels? Whichever it is, I wonder when it will be gone forever.

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