Analysis Via Handwriting

Handwriting Analysis: What does your penmanship say about you?

Referring to my blog entitled Penmanship, one of the people who wrote to me as part of this project told me that our handwriting naturally changes as we age. It is perhaps not the lack of practice that causes the change, but different physiological and emotional factors that contribute to its alterations.

On the CBS Early Morning Show, there was a segment where they were interviewing handwriting expert, and author of the book Sex, Lies and Handwriting, Michelle Dresbold.  It seems you can tell the state of mind of a person (depressed or happy) and the general physical health of a person (Alzheimer’s or Dyslexia) by looking at their handwriting. Check it out:

I must note, since I work in the entertainment industry, it looks like they made a TV show based on Michelle’s book. It was a direct to series order last summer and it is described in The Hollywood Reporter as,

“a witty take on the crime series that follows the exploits of Leslie Bold, an accomplished artist and handwriting expert — with her own newspaper column on the subject — who is unexpectedly drawn into the world of crime-solving because of her extraordinary skills.”

As far as I could tell, it has not aired, yet.

Want to see what your handwriting says about you or someone you know? Take one of these online tests and find out:

I did and was analyzed pretty accurately. I think as part of this project, I will take every handwritten letter I receive to a handwriting analyst and offer that analysis as part of my response to my participants. I think it will be interesting to see if there is any common type of person who was attracted to this project.


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  1. Handwriting in cursive can tell you if a writer is left handed or right handed. They say if your writing is sloppy then you are a messy house keeper. And if your writing is in shorthand you might be educated or lazy or both. And if your writing is too neat you might be a perfectionist or feminine, or a neat freak. If your writing has many misspelled words you might be young or new to a language or a slow learner, or the writer could be careless or is ahbeeusly uzeeng a poetic licenz.

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