About Write to Me

About Write to Me…

Today, January 17, 2015,  is day one of my Write to Me project. Anybody can participate in this project. This project will continue for 22 weeks, ending on June 21, 2015.

Before I get into the “Why?” I want to start simply with the parameters of the project:

  1. For the next 22 weeks, I will not directly post, comment, like, or otherwise use my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr account.   The only images and posts that will appear anywhere are the ones that will be generated by every entry I make on my project blog: terrynorton-wrightblog.com.
  2. I will not answer any “How are you?” emails, or tweets. I will, however, answer your calls, or return your messages if you happen to have my phone number. For any important matter, or emergency, please use this form of communication.
  3. I will answer every letter that is sent to me at this address: 578 Washington Blvd. #1026, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. This is the address of a mailbox that I have rented especially for this project, so those of you who may be worried that I have posted my actual address need not be concerned.
  4. I will not share any of your letters with anyone, and they will not be published in any way. In return, anyone who receives a letter from me cannot publish or share my letters with anyone.

That’s it. Why? Well, that’s a long story…WritetoMe

I look forward to receiving your letters!

One comment

  1. Have you heard of Incowrimo.org? You can find many people there who are just waiting for Feb. 1st to get started weriting letters. There are addresses there and I know everyone there will write back because I’ve been a rtpart of it since 2013. Hope to see you there!

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