First Half


The weekend of January 21-22, 2012 was the year anniversary of the weekend I had moved out of the apartment where I had been living with my husband and children.  It was also the weekend before the President’s State of the Union Address to the nation.  I can remember thinking about that when I had moved out. “State of the union” I thought, the state of my union was broken.  I suppose that was truly the day that this project was born.

One year later, it was again the weekend prior to the State of the Union address, I checked into the same hotel, the Custom Hotel on Lincoln Blvd. I had agreed to a 24 hour delivery period.  All artists were to deliver their work during that time by any means necessary.

For the event I brought my wedding dress with me. It was a two-piece dress, which was definitely appropriate for this event as I would wear one piece each of the two days.  It struck me how strangely symbolic the dress was of how the marriage would eventually turn out, separate parts of unequal size.  I wore the skirt of the gown with a black silk blouse the first evening., I wore the bodice with a pair of black jeans the next day.  One artist asked me to put the whole dress on and participate in her performance that she was delivering, which I did.  The dress became a ghost in the room, it’s pieces hung in the open hall closet at the entryway, a reminder.

In 24 hours I had all of the work. It was an extraordinary experience. The works I received that weekend were quite moving and thought provoking. Each of the artists had taken my divorce agreement and passed it through their own body of work and produced a piece that was so much of themselves, yet related to me directly.  As I sat there remembering what was lost, I was forced to recognize all that was gained.

Second Half

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