On December 7, 1996, I got married.

On December 8, 2010, I declared my marriage was over.

On October 21, 2011, I signed my divorce papers.

On December 7, 2011, I invited a group of artists, based on their practice, and the subject and content of their work, to participate in a collaborative art work resulting in a product whose form will be partially determined by the invited artist and partially determined by me, for future exhibition and publication.

The invitation looked like this:

Terry Norton-Wright

invites you to participate in a collaborative artwork



today, Wednesday, the seventh of December

two thousand eleven

and concluding with a presentation

beginning Saturday, the twenty-first of January

two thousand twelve

at three o’clock in the afternoon

and continuing through

Sunday, the twenty-second of January

two thousand twelve

at twelve 0’clock noon

The Custom Hotel

8639 Lincoln Boulevard

Los Angeles, California

Please accept or decline this invitation


responding to this email

on or before

Saturday, the thirty-first of December

two thousand eleven

Details regarding this project are as follows…

On January 1, 2012, I became legally divorced and I emailed an edited copy of the document titled,

Marriage of Norton-Wright, Terry Lynn and  —————-.

ATTACHMENT TO STIPULATED JUDGEMENT                  Case No. ————-

to all who accepted my invitation to participate, to be used as source material for their work.

On January 21, 2012, beginning at 3:00pm and continuing through January 22, 2012, until 12:00 noon,    I invited the participating artists to deliver to me, by any means necessary, to my hotel room at the Custom Hotel, the hotel where I lived during the initial weeks of my separation, their work as a document, a reading, an object, a performance, a film, a song, etc.  All those participating retained ownership of their work, and the rights to their work, and gave me permission to exhibit their work and reproduce all or part of its content and/or image.  A release was sent, or given, to each participating artist for signature at the time of delivery.

Since January 22, 2012, I have been creating a body of work, using these works as source material. The final stage of this project is to produce a book and an exhibition.  This blog will be the source material for the book.

SOTU Project1

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