Why Men Hire Prostitutes

One of the questions I get asked the most when I tell people about my project is, “Why do men hire prostitutes?” I think it is a complicated answer, if not nearly an impossible one, since there are probably as many reasons as there are different types of men.  Also, I don’t want to give a simple answer since I want to respect those who do hire prostitutes and those who make their living this way.  So, I have decided to go to some “experts” to see what they have to say about this subject.

According to Escort Insider, and they should know since they are catering to male customers, one of the main reasons clients hire prostitutes is that they are interested in sexual practices that they cannot get elsewhere, either because they have no regular partners or because their partners are unable or unwilling to accommodate their desires.  Basically, the reason is because men want to have sex and because their partner won’t give them a blow job. Yep, a blow job is apparently the number one most requested act that a man’s partner refuses to do. That’s the truth.  According to Escort Insider, most men go to prostitutes for the garden variety blow job.

Here is what their survey revealed:

Respondents were more likely to select fellatio than any other practice when asked which sexual practices they experienced with a prostitute (51% in comparison to 12% for vaginal sex, the second most common practice.)

These findings point to the importance of fellatio in the prostitution encounter. This contrasts sharply with nonpaid sexual practice in which vaginal sex is overwhelmingly preferred and practiced findings tend to support the proposition that the desire for fellatio may be one reason some men seek prostitutes.

According to Scientific American:

Men’s motives for buying sex are hotly contested among researchers. Some believe the practice serves as a salve for common psychological afflictions, such as an unfulfilled craving for sex or romance. Others, meanwhile, paint a dimmer portrait of johns, believing they are driven by chauvinistic motives, such as a desire to dominate and control women.

Many experts argue that it is a male appetite—and not the choices of prostitutes—that fundamentally drives the sex trade.

And finally, according to a Huffington Post reporter who asked her male colleagues this question:

“According to those who indulged themselves, men who hire prostitutes believe it is better than cheating on wives and girlfriends.”(Wait a minute, what? This doesn’t count as cheating?)

“Men with power and money are insecure. Riding that pinnacle of power is one heck of a slippery slope, and it always has been. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but after claiming power and money and privilege, boundaries get blurred. Even presidents misbehave. And when they haven’t had the good manners to hire a professional; when, instead, there is a name attached, it really hurts. Just ask Hillary Clinton.”

The rise and fall of anatomical parts is, and has always been, a vitamin booster for the male ego. In the case of some men, a woman on her knees is the only kind they want. Some people like anonymous sex because it provides exactly that — anonymity and fewer people get hurt.”

“Remember when Hugh Grant picked up a Hollywood hooker? He was resoundingly criticized and the victim of many a disgruntled female-fan’s snort of indignation. I thought back on when my co-workers had the “hooker” talk with me and said, “At least Grant did not pick up a woman from a bar, take her to his hotel room, have sex with her and never see her again.” That would have been devastating for that young woman. Instead, he did the polite thing. He hired a professional.” (I agree!)



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