I went to a brilliant lecture today called “I am no Barbarian, I am an Alien!”

There were several speakers and all of them were stimulating and inspiring in their own way.  Because I live at the Artist-in-Residency apartments I had the added pleasure of being able to hang out with a number of the speakers tonight, drinking wine, having interesting conversations about art making and smoking.  I personally, don’t smoke, and it is still freaky to me when I am in the company of people who do, because pot smoking, like prostitution, is legal here.

Anyway, the lecture was part of a series called AGE-ISM and it was curated by Sandberg student Elise van Mourik. The series explored the nature of progress and the relationship between innovation and culture.

Today’s speakers included Thomas Thwaites who is a delightful artist from London.  Here is the link to his “Toaster Project”.

We also had a presentation from Regine Debatty, “famous” European blogger who writes the blog

And, Alan N. Shapiro, technologist and futurist, gave a very inspiring talk with Anya Wiesinger, art historian and media theorist, about the future of software design and computer technologies.

Check out their links for some stimulating reading and listening.

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