Museums Part 1

There are a few museums in the United States that I really, really like.  The Metropolitan in NYC, The Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, The Hammer and the Getty Museums in Los Angeles, just to name a few.

Ever since I told people I was coming to Amsterdam, I have heard about the great museums here!  Well, of the three main museums, The Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum are closed.  Well, the Rijksmuseum has a small section open, but it is of its “greatest hits” and frankly, I am usually not so interested in the “greatest” hits of a museum. I don’t know, I think once a piece of art becomes a placemat I lose interest.  I like to find the smaller treasures for myself.  The Van Gogh Museum however, is open, so today I went there.

You know when you are anticipating an evening with someone you’ve always wanted to meet in person, and then you meet them and all you have is eyes for their best friend?  Well my visit to The Van Gogh Museum went something like that.

I was reasonably excited to see Mr. Van Gogh’s work, but once I got into the museum I could not take my eyes off of Odilon Redon’s work!  Look at these…

As far as Mr. Van Gogh’s work is concerned, I am really glad he went to France!  I like his work from those years much more than his earlier work while he was living in Holland!

Paintings from the Holland Years:

Paintings from France:

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