Pleasure Part 1

Gastronomical Pleasure is my topic today.  I like this restaurant’s name.

However, I haven’t eaten there yet,  so I can’t say I recommend them.

I have, however,  had the pleasure of eating and drinking at some wonderful places here in Amsterdam and I thought I would share a few places where eating and drinking are a sensually satisfying experience.


AS is, conveniently enough, right next door to my apartment. It is located in the middle of a working organic farm and former-chapel and it is known for its farm-to-table cuisine. Its open kitchen is wrapped in concrete counter tops with wood-fire oven and retractable glass doors that open to a covered atrium come warmer weather.  Its menu is rooted in local produce and sustainable products with an array of wood-oven specialties and slow cuisine.

Door 74

Behind an inconspicuous black door on an otherwise brightly lit street lies a special Amsterdam secret. The elusive entrance at Door 74 hides an exclusive space for enjoying “classic cocktails, Champagne and proper late-night drinking,”

This swanky cocktail bar, that’s purposely hard to find,  only accepts patrons with reservations. You will find a mixologist and skillfully mixed drinks made with ingredients that will surprise you and leave you bored with lesser liquors for life.
You must call them in the morning of the evening you wish to arrive and make a reservation.  They will contact you around 4pm (16:00 Amsterdam time) with a confirmation if you have made the list. Be discreet as you ring the tiny doorbell.

Brouwerij Het Ij

Brouwerij ‘t Ij is an independent microbrewery, based under a windmill on the side of a canal in the east side of Amsterdam. It has become a favorite for beer lovers worldwide, I am told, and it is very much a local hangout. With a range of 10 strong, mostly organic beers, the brewery has built a reputation for down-to-earth quality, with a quirky, eccentric character.

Crepe with Nutella spread.

Walking around Albert Cuyp Market you can find a vendor who will make you a fresh crepe filled with Nutella.  This is my all time favorite European snack!  Yes, you can make this delicacy at home, but nothing beats a crepe made right before your eyes, by someone else, filled with Nutella and wrapped in wax paper for you to enjoy on your stroll through the market.

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