Public Space

I noticed a couple of subversive art pieces during my travels today.  One is from a feminist movement that I am not yet familiar with, but I wanted to share the flyer anyway.

The words translate in English to:  This is the emancipation for which they fought? 

I have been the women in this drawing.  Well, without the bike, but with all of the rest, and let me tell you, it was enough to make you jealous of the 1950’s housewife at times!  There is an interesting essay written by Nancy Fraser called Feminism, Capitalism and the Cunning of History. Nancy is a critical theorist and Professor of Political and Social Sciences and Professor of Philosophy at The New School in New York City, and in her essay she cites ways in which “the dream of women’s emancipation is harnessed to the engine of capitalist accumulation.” and how capitalism’s dismantling of feminism’s interwoven goals of redistribution, recognition and representation, resulted in its willingness to recognize only the later two encouraging a new regime of accumulation.

It’s a pretty heady essay, but a really interesting read, you can download it here at:

Another form of subversive art that I ran into today was from the artist Invader.

This artist secretly performs his guerrilla art by tiling these little creatures on walls in public spaces. I ran into his work in Paris a few years ago quite unexpectedly. It is always fun to spot one of his works in cities all over the world.

Both pieces where a reminder of how artists are a big part of Amsterdam, even though this city is cutting a huge portion of their funding at the moment!


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