Lingerie for the Window

Lingerie, defined as “women’s intimate apparel, from the French, from Middle French, from linge linen, from Latin lineus made of linen.  Linen lingerie, hmm, sounds itchy.

For me the word lingerie conjures up thoughts of silk, satin, lace, that really soft cotton from Europe, well, basically really soft, sensual fabrics.   Lace is not always so soft to wear, it too can be itchy, however the French really have this figured out, their lace feels like a whisper on your skin, combined with silk, really good lingerie should feel just like that, a whisper on your skin.

Tonight, I am attending a workshop on how to work a brothel window.  Mariska Majoor, retired prostitute and owner of the Prostitution Information Center in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, teaches the workshop.  Some of you may remember my mentioning her in previous posts (3/10/12). My homework for attending this workshop was to buy something white to wear in the window, and of course bring $35 Euros in cash, because prostitutes, retired or not, do not take credit cards or PIN cards (see previous post 3/12/12).

Earlier today, I went in search of the perfect lingerie for a 40 something artist, single mother of two, to wear in a brothel window.  Of course, this being Amsterdam, the home of the most popular Red Light District, there just so happened to be a lingerie shop called DeDe’s Underworld ( a mere 5 block walk from my apartment.

DeDe’s has an amazing selection of lingerie.  I had more than enough to pick from. No, I did not tell the sales person what it was for, but nonetheless she was committed to making sure that whatever I chose from her shop fit me perfectly.  If you have never been fit for lingerie, or undergarments, you really do not know what you are missing.  A salesperson who knows what she is doing can make your body look better than you ever thought it could look in such little scraps of fabric.

I found a great ensemble in an off white with white lace accents.  I selected a bra, thong, garter, stockings and a chemise for over the top.  Mariska says that every girl should think about what looks good on her and what makes her feel the most comfortable.  I figured I would go with a sort of classy, retro, lady-like look with the idea that mystery might be more enticing than fact. Here’s what I purchased:

Tomorrow I will report on my experience in the window.  Wish me luck!

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